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The Window Made by the Sea, Azure Window

In Maltese, "Tieqa Żerqa", the Azure Window is perhaps the most spectacular landmark in the Maltese archipelago. It is a 50 meter high rock in the Dwejra Point cliffs. It shows a table-like rock over the sea, its is one of the most photographed vistas of the Maltese Islands. The rock is particularly spectacular during winter when waves crash high inside the arch. The sea has worn a hole through a narrow headland forming "the window" as the call it. Though now, the arch is in dangerous condition because large pieces of rock keep falling from the arch of the Azure window, sad to say, it is estimated that the arch will disappear in a few years.

Hope the government there will find ways to preserve it, so that the next generations can see this remarkable formation created by the sea. See this landmark now or else it will be gone in time.

1 comment:

Maristela Diaz said...

Indeed, it is remarkable! keep it up...