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Snorkeling and The White Beach of Initao, Misamis Oriental

Last summer, me and my office mates went to travel and to see the beautiful beach of Initao Misamis Oriental, particularly the "Hapitanan", "Stop Over Place" in English. We choose Initao because one of our office mate, John's mother's hometown. We arrive at the beautiful place where it has a white sand, but not as white as those in Boracay, but still, it's white. The beach has some horses so could have a chance for some horse back riding. But the best part on the beach, is snorkeling! The beach has a healthy coral reefs, a wonderful place for snorkeling! We find our sunblocks and ready our way! It's my first time snorkeling so I was so excited.

The sun is up, as we swim our way, it is nice to snorkel when the sun is up so that the underwater will so clear and not dark. I got the chance to see what was under the sea. I was like, I was on a different world. Seeing those schools of fishes, large and tiny, with those different colors. I also got the chance to see Nemo in person! haha! I also found a black clown fish and and eel. It's another unforgettable experience because I only see this thing on movies like the Little Mermaid and other underwater movies.

Then our first swim was over and it is time for lunch! Eating time! We have to have our energy back for our second swim. Again the second time was also exciting. We went a little father from the shore and saw bigger fish. Unfortunately, the rain is coming and it made underwater dim. So we set off to shore. And spent the remaining time on the water and on the float. We even play splashing water! Haha!


Kc Curay said...

power keu ang mga likod bei!

Jerome said...

Kinsa mana nasa last nga pix? hehe mura man tag iya sa dagat. lol