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The Cape of Good Hope

The Cape of Good Hope is a rocky headland on the Atlantic coast of South Africa. As one of the great capes of the South Atlantic Ocean, the Cape of Good Hope has been of special significance to sailors for many years and is widely referred to as "The Cape".

The term "Cape of Good Hope" was also used to indicate the early Cape Colony in the vicinity of the Cape Peninsula.

What's interesting about the Cape of Good Hope is its Flora and Fauna. The Cape ranges from rocky mountain tops to beaches and open sea, it is home to at least 250 species of birds. Examples of these are Ostrich, Bush birds, sunbirds and sugarbirds searching nectars from flowering plants. Lizards, snakes, tortoises and other small insect also inhabited the area. Zebras, eland, small mammals like rock hyrax, striped mouse, water mongoose, Cape clawless otter and white deer and baboons are also here.

The Cape is also an integral part of the Cape Floristic Kingdom, th smallest yet richest of the world's six floral kindoms. This comprises of 1100 species of indigenous plants, which some are endemic. Coastal fynbos on alkaline sands and inland fynbos on acid soils, the two types of "Fine Bush" can be found here. The Cape of Good Hope is nominated to the New Seven Wonders of Nature.

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