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Aitutaki the Triangle

Aitutaki is one of the island in Cook islands. Traditionally known as Araura, Ararau and Utataki, it is the second most visited island in Cook Island, is capital or main village, the Arutanga.

Aitutaki is an "almost atoll". It has a maximum elevation of approximately 123 metres with the hill known as Maunga Pu close to its northernmost point. The barrier reef that forms the basis of Aitutaki is roughly the shape of an equilateral triangle with sides 12 kilometres in length. The southern edge of the triangle is almost totally below the surface of the ocean, and the eastern side is composed of a string of small islands (including Mangere, Akaiami, and Tekopua).

On the Second World War, the island were used as bases by the Allied troops against the Japanese. The island was also used in the reality tv show of UK, the Shipwrecked in 2000. On 2006, the island was used as the location for the tribal council for the Survivor: Cook Island. Then after, the Shipwrecked: Battle of the Island was shoot there.

The main attractions on the island is the turquoise central lagoon, uninhabited islands and palm-fringed beaches. There is also an old church (the oldest in the Cook Islands) and some gigantic Banyan Trees.

Another attraction is the One Foot Island. It is often said to be the most important attraction. It is regarded as providing the visitor with the best views of the Aitutaki lagoon and depending on the tide one is able to walk on a sandbank a decent distance away from One Foot Island. The trip to this island is the most frequented trip available on Aitutaki and is bookable in most hotels.

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